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All employees here at Tim’s Roof Contractor’ are trained to install your home with the best system for your home. We always remove your old shingles. Inspect for damaged decking or structural damage. We have 30 years experience in all building and all types of residential and Flat Roof Systems. Ridge Vents, Chimneys, .We do roof reoairs everyday. Call Tim at anytime for all your ROOFING NEEDS.

My venture into Shingle roofing, tear offs and new roofs . I never considered that I would get into roofing at all. !!!! But the opportunity became apparent in 1995. I worked a good job 9-5 and made good money. However I had some members of my family that just hustled around in construction. They seemed to only work part time or every other week or so. They were always using their customer or contractor to buy materials and they would do the labor!!!? I made a decision to hire all of them to work for me at a good wage. I stepped in and bought all materials and hired the men to install the shingles. Turned out to be a very lucrative deal for them and myself. So here we are still going strong

At the moment that Tims Roof Contractors made the first sale and installation of our very first roof, and performed our first repair. I knew at the time that my name and all my employees would always produce quality workmanship. We have did hundreds of roof repair and thousands of roof replacements. Competition keeps coming but we don’t mind, there is enough work for us all. Just make sure and choose the right contractor. Installing and repairing roof is a definite satisfaction with us at Tims Roof Contractors. You can rest assured you will have a dry home. We offer temp repairs or FREE tarping service until we can fix your roof. We have also added beautiful vinyl siding and Seamless Gutters of all colors. Remember all of our jobs are appreciated. We clean , and run large magnet for nails. We are LOCAL in a 50 mile radius. Please call for your FREE ESTIMATES or for that aggravating leak before more damages..We offer soffit and fascia repairs p as well. Please check our LOCAL references. Put our Quality to work for you family.

Residential Roofing System

Total Protection Roofing System

A well maintained roof provides protection for your home and your family from the elements. Tims Roof Contractors, a local residential reroofing company, is dedicated to offering you high quality reroofing services. Through comprehensive and exhaustive inspections, we help you determine if reroofing is the right process for your home.


Commercial Roofing System

Commercial Roofing Systems

Tims Roof Contractors has seen roofs in every imaginable condition, from completely destroyed to mildly worn. When we encounter a business that has a roof in very bad condition, we tend to recommend a complete commercial roof replacement. Allow us to perform a thorough inspection of your roof to see if full replacement is necessary in your situation.

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